15 thoughts on “lights, camera, ……

  1. Tiger Woods is playing golf this weekend, but we’re pretty busy and I don’t know if I can watch. Super bummed out since he’s kind of like an inspiration. Well anyways the photos look great and if you ever want to talk golf let us know

  2. You sicken me “Livvy.” And I’m not just another random nobody on the internet, I dated a Victoria’s Secret Angel so I have her platform that we tap into. Since learning about you I have been sickened to let my son stay on social media. One day you will look back and realize that all your tactics for capitalization was not worth trading your ethics and morals. Karma will deliver you the reward for using boys and mens thirst for sexuality for monetary gain. Not only ruining gymnastics, but peoples lives with your eccentric behavior that you disguise as “media influence.”

    Thank God for Karma. 🙌

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